Naughty Kitty Merlin at the Vet

 Posted by on 12 November 2013 at 2:00 pm  Animals, Cats, Funny, Personal
Nov 122013

At the vet two weeks ago, naughty kitty Merlin was very enthused to be in a new place with much to explore. First, he opened the cabinet (overcoming the child-proof lock in seconds) and explored inside for a while.

Then, most unexpectedly, he climbed up into the drawer of medical supplies, refused to leave, and ultimately got stuck.

After I took this picture, we were able to free him, although that was harder than expected. He was much more subdued after that, until he went for the cabinet again.

My vet was very amused — and amazed too. Me, not so much! Naughty kitty Merlin is naughty!

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