American Hostages

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Jun 122002

A few weeks ago, I saw an interview with Pat Roush on O’Reilly. Her two small girls were kidnapped and taken to Saudi Arabia by their Saudi father 16 years ago. The State Department has been less than helpful in securing their return. Being women, they are unable to leave that wretched country without permission from a husband or father. (One has been married off.) The mother is simply wishing them to be returned to America so that they may decide for themselves where to live. Our government ought to be flogged for not doing more to secure the rights of these captive Americans. Given the laws of Saudi Arabia, such children ought to be regarded as hostages. Our government ought to demand their immediate release. Our embassy in Saudi Arabia ought to help smuggle these children back to the US.

The story is laid out in this commentary. The piece also mentions Dria Davis, who was forcibly taken to Saudi Arabia when she was 11. She managed to escape more-or-less by herself when she was 13. That seemed like an incredible story to me, so I went searching for details. Here they are. Wow.

Given the beatings she endured by her psychopathic father, this girl would probably be dead by now if her family in the US had stuck to diplomatic channels.

(I haven’t been keeping up with OpinionJournal lately, so I found this tidbit thanks to Little Green Footballs.)

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