Happy Thanksgiving

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Nov 242005

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday: it’s a wonderful opportunity to share a bounty of delicious food with excellent people. (Of course, some people celebrate Thanksgiving as a religious holiday of gratitude to God for his blessings. And some people spend it with family members they can barely manage to tolerate. But that’s their problem, not mine!)

Paul and I are hosting the annual 1FROG Thanksgiving this year — for the very first time. (We moved all the furniture out of the living room to squeeze in tables for 18 people. Soon the 22 pound turkey will be headed into the oven!)

Some of you might be surprised to learn that an atheistic organization like FROG does have a traditional Thanksgiving prayer. It makes more sense once you hear it though:

“Thank God I don’t have to pray!”

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

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