Another Letter from ARI

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Nov 202005

Here’s another letter from ARI:

Dear Editor:

The Kansas Board of Education has redefined science to make room for the supernatural. But changing definitions will not alter the fact that science and religion are incompatible.

Science seeks natural explanations for natural phenomena. It does so by logical inferences from observable facts and experimentation.
Science relies on reason and evidence.

Religion, in contrast, relies on supernatural “explanations” for natural phenomena. It demands belief unsupported by evidence and/or contrary to facts. Religion relies on faith.

Just as evolution and creationism are mutually exclusive and naturally pitted against each other, so are science and religion. Changing definitions will not change reality.

David Holcberg
Ayn Rand Institute
Irvine CA

As the e-mail says: “If you plan to use this letter, please let us know. Thank you.”

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