Revealing Headline

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Nov 112005

When I saw this NY Times op-ed headline, “Science and Religion Share Fascination in Things Unseen,” my first thought was “Yeah, but in the case of religion, the things are unseen because they don’t actually exist!” As it turns out, the “science” in question is studying entities just as imaginary as God.

The article is worth reading, but only as a stellar progression of one vague evasion after another. Just when you think the author might be coming to some decent and reasonable point about the difference between science and religion, he veers back into dense fog. No doubt, this early paragraph certainly takes the cake:

It seems that humans are hard-wired to yearn for new realms well beyond the reach of our senses into which we can escape, if only with our minds. It is possible that we need to rely on such possibilities or the world of our experience would become intolerable.

Speak for yourself, brother!

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