More Penises

 Posted by on 10 November 2005 at 1:31 pm  Funny
Nov 102005

In the spirit of schlongs I don’t want to see: A wood carving entitled “(Some) Penises I Have Known” is being auctioned on EBay. It’s a rather clever and funny sculpture, in a delightfully vindictive kind of way. Personally, I must admit that I cannot imagine displaying a carving of the dressed-up penises of some artist’s former lovers in my home. Not that I’d wish to display a carving of dressed-up penises of my own former lovers either! So I suppose that I’m just categorically against the display of carvings of dressed-up penises in my home. Sheesh, perhaps I ought to have just linked without comment like Alexa. I’m just digging myself in deeper with every sentence! In any case, it’s worth a look and a chuckle.

(Via Alexa Brett and Boing Boing.)

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