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On Wednesday’s episode of Philosophy in Action Radio, I interviewed peanut allergy mom Jenn Casey about “Living Safely with Food Allergies, Part 1.” The podcast of that episode is now available for streaming or downloading.

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Podcast: 25 September 2013

Many Americans have food allergies to common foods such as peanuts, dairy, and eggs. Some of those allergies are so serious as to be life-threatening. Jenn Casey’s son has a life-threatening peanut allergy, diagnosed when he was a toddler. What must people diagnosed with such allergies do to protect themselves from accidental ingestion? How can parents keep their children with such allergies safe? How should other people in their lives – such as family, friends, and teachers – do to protect them from harm? What should schools, clubs, and other organizations do? This episode is Part One of Two. Be sure to listen to Part Two.

Jenn Casey is a homeschooling mom to three hilarious kids, wife, small business owner, CrossFit athlete and coach, Positive Discipline educator, sometime blogger, puppy trainer, reluctant 5K runner, urban-chicken-raising wannabe, amateur gardener, humor dabbler, serious Beatles enthusiast, longtime Objectivist, economics nerd, even bigger operations management nerd, Sauvignon Blanc lover, bourbon appreciator, and President of ATLOS.

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  • Jenn’s background
  • Food allergies versus intolerances
  • The most common food allergies
  • The increase in rates of food allergies
  • Jenn’s introduction to food allergies: the peanut kaboom
  • Diagnosing food allergies
  • Food allergies in kids versus adults
  • Outgrowing allergies
  • Cures and treatments for food allergies
  • Dealing with a diagnosis
  • Managing a food allergy with a “comfort zone”
  • The dangers of not carrying an epi pen
  • Managing a food allergy in a toddler versus almost-teenager
  • The death of Natalie Giorgi
  • Epi-pen strategy
  • Life sustaining food as deadly
  • Allergies and the hygiene hypothesis
  • The topics for Part 2


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