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Sep 282013

Lila is finally on the mend!

As my friends and followers on Facebook know, last Monday (the 16th), Lila came up dead lame, meaning that she was limping badly even at the walk. The vet came and found a corn — meaning a bruise from a rock on the sole of the hoof near the wall. He packed her hoof with iodine goop and wrapped her hoof to protect it. I began giving her two grams of bute per day. We hoped that she’d be fine in a few days.

Alas, she was still gimpy by the end of the week. So the vet came again on Friday (the 20th). After digging into the hoof a bit more, we saw a line of pus moving up through her hoof. That meant that the bit of gravel didn’t merely bruise her hoof: it became trapped and was then working its way up through her hoof. OUCH!

Instead of just soaking her foot in epsom salts a few times per day, as I’d been doing, the vet wanted me to put her hoof in a soaker boot, so that she’d soak continuously. (The solution of epsom salts helps soften the hoof, so that the bit of gravel can move through it more quickly, and aids in the draining of pus and such.) Hopefully, the bit of gravel would burst out her coronet band (where the hoof meets the hair) or her heel.

Alas, Lila has ginormous feet, and the local tack store didn’t have a large enough boot when I checked a few days ago. So I emailed the people in my neighborhood’s riding club, to see if anyone might have the right size boot. Within a few hours, I got a slew of replies from people with offers to help in various ways, including multiple offers of boots. So from Saturday to Thursday, Lila’s foot soaked continuously in a boot provided by one of my neighbors. (I feel so lucky to live among neighbors so quick and ready to offer help!)

On Wednesday, I noticed that she was walking much better, although she was still limping badly at the trot. On Thursday, she was even better. The vet told me that I could stop soaking her. She’s gotten better each day — and I hope that she’s well enough to ride gently or pony behind Elsie today.

In the meantime, my friend Cyndi was kind enough to lend me her horse Dixie for the week. I needed a horse to ride, and Dixie needed some training in the basics, so it was a win-win! Dixie was pretty awful for the first few days, but after that, she settled down and made rapid progress. Plus, she got along great with Lila and Elsie, which made having her Chez Hsieh easy!

Dixie has been a fun project, but I’m so desperate to get Lila back to work!

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