Delivery Day!

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Nov 082005

It’s delivery day Chez Hsieh!

Our fancy new elliptical trainer arrived. We’ve wanted one for a while, since running is a bit too much pound-pound-pound on the joints. (My knees and hips almost always get achy after six miles, even though my muscles and lungs could run further.) Paul’s sprained ankle is still healing, so he can’t run yet, although he’s eager to do something other (and more aerobic) than rowing. So that was the proximate cause. Personally, I can’t wait to try it out later today.

I also had six tons of day delivered for the horses, plus ten or so tons of granite fines for their stalls. Thankfully, my excellent landscaper is here to help put all that in its proper place. (I have stacked six tons of hay in years past, even before I was so fit. It was pretty darn painful.)

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