The D.C. Objectivist Salon

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Nov 012005

Here is an announcement from David Rehm:

Announcing a new Objectivist discussion group in the DC area: The DC Objectivist Salon (DCOS). Our primary goal is to establish a forum for the serious study of Objectivism in the Washington, DC metro area, loosely modeled after Colorado’s FROG which we think is one of the healthiest and most active Objectivist communities in the world.

(From the aforementioned website: “FROG is dedicated to understanding and applying the principles of Objectivism, the philosophy originated by Ayn Rand. FROG members differ in the depth of their understanding of Objectivism, but all are committed to understanding and applying the principles of Objectivism in their own lives. As such, the principles of Objectivism serve as the implicit and explicit background of the discussions at FROG meetings. So members might debate the proper applications of
property rights or discuss the fallacies of anarchism, but they do not debate whether government is necessary. Or they might debate the extent of animal consciousness, but not whether consciousness is a myth or whether animals have rights. Of course, many FROG members are happy to discuss and debate such topics with non-Objectivists – just not at FROG.”)

Therefore our first priority is establishing regular, at least monthly or bi-weekly, structured meetings on specific topics or works (for example, dissecting Peikoff’s OPAR or listening to and discussing Onkar Ghate’s “A Study of Galt’s Speech”). We will probably be meeting in members’ homes (trying very hard to be convenient for both MD and VA guests) but have not chosen our locations yet — volunteers welcome. We have decided to refrain from having a regular dues system at first and will instead work on an opt-in system for sponsoring specific purchases (such as taped lectures or live speakers). Eventually we would also like to arrange social events such as dinners and visiting places of interest.

For more information, join:

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