TiVo Upgrade

 Posted by on 30 October 2005 at 9:22 pm  Uncategorized
Oct 302005

Back in June, Fred Weiss recommended the TiVo upgrade from WeaKnees. Although I ordered the additional drive right away, I didn’t get around to installing it until just tonight. (Finally!) It was quite an upgrade for my beloved TiVo, from just 35 hours to 163 hours of recording time!

I’m happy to report that the upgrade was astonishingly easy. The instructions were excellent, perhaps the most clear and accurate that I’ve ever enjoyed in all my years of computer upgrades. However, I wouldn’t recommend the do-it-yourself install unless you are reasonably comfortable swapping out the guts of your computer. WeaKnees has a speedy professional upgrade service for the hesitant.

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