Still Here

 Posted by on 11 June 2002 at 4:02 pm  Uncategorized
Jun 112002

Well, we’re still here. The wait is interminable. But at least the house is still standing.

I was originally planning to leave for Maryland tomorrow morning, but that’s clearly not happening now. I was going to spend a few days with my folks on their farm outside of Baltimore, then head down to the UVA for the IHS Social Change Workshop. I’ve managed to reschedule my flight for Friday. We aren’t out of danger by then, I’ll have to cancel the trip entirely, which would be most distressing. (I am very much looking forward to both visiting with my parents and the IHS seminar.)

We’re all packed up and ready to go in case we get that order to evacuate. We haven’t decided yet where we’ll go, although we have received a number of generous offers. Mostly I am worried about setting up a comfortable and easy-to-manage situation for the dogs and cats. Given that primary consideration, a hotel might be our best bet. That’s something we probably ought to arrange sooner rather than later.

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