The Pull Peddlers

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Oct 272005

The big ballot issue in Colorado in November is Referenda C and D. It would be a major expansion of the welfare state, coupled with a substantial tax hike. It deserves to be defeated by an overwhelming margin, although I think the polls show that it’s about evenly split right now.

My friend Ari Armstrong has been tirelessly working to defeat it. (His web page on it is here.) So when I received this pro-C&D message in my rarely-used CU Boulder account, I forwarded it to him. His reply is below it.

From: [email protected]
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 8:37 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Voting is critical to future of the University of Colorado

If you won’t be able to vote on Nov 1, then vote early or get an absentee ballot. Early Voting opens Monday Oct 17. Last day to request an absentee ballot is Friday Oct 21 (must arrive by 25) and in person is the 28th. Information/downloads at

The following is a message from Katie Collins, Student Body Co-Executive, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Dear Students and Staff of the University of Colorado, Higher education in the state of Colorado is in crisis. In the past few years we have all experienced that crisis through staggering tuition increases, closing programs and the downsizing of faculty and staff. If something is not done to save higher education, many students will be unable to afford to attend college in Colorado. We will continue losing our best and brightest to other states that do support higher education.

Luckily there is a solution to help higher education: Referenda C&D.

It is critical that voters pass these referenda on November 1st. We must all do our part by voting either in person or via absentee ballot. Please contact your local county to ensure that you are eligible to vote.

Coloradans have affirmed their support for K-12 education through the passage of Amendment 23, now we must affirm our support for higher education through the passage of Referenda C&D. As college students/staff, and the future leaders of our state, we must lead the charge to support higher education in Colorado.

Katie Collins

Let us know where you stand, and take our survey:

If you care about the issues but are not eligible to vote, talk to your friends and neighbors that can vote.


It is not permitted to use State (hence university) email to send messages supporting particular views on ballot issues. All email addresses were obtained through public information sources. This non-partisan political message was send using outside resources from

Nonpartisan message, my foot! In any case, here’s what Ari said in reply:

The pro-C camp is making an extraordinary get-out-the-vote effort. Another letter I saw argued that, if you oppose eminent domain, you need to vote for C and D, because that will provide money for roads, thus eliminating the need for private toll roads (which would, it is argued, use eminent domain). The fact that both eminent domain and Ref. C violate property is conveniently ignored. Similarly, the pro-C camp has made specialized appeals to veterans, the elderly, parents with children in schools, environmentalists, and I’m sure I’m missing several. The effort to raise taxes is extraordinary. I even heard that, in the Springs, pro-Cers are trying to link the (state) tax hike to support for the (nation’s) troops!

I’m confident that, if every voter first read the material available on my web page, Ref. C would go down in flames. I’m also confident that far less than a percent of all voters will read anything on my web page.

Ref. C a juggernaut. The fact that, statistically, we’re still tied, says a lot about the resilience of American liberty. But people’s vague feelings in favor of liberty are easily overcome.

With this kind of measure, it’s not surprising that the pull-peddlers are out in full force.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to help out in the anti-C&D effort much. I want to get more involved in Colorado politics, but I need to finish my coursework first. I did at least manage to procure a sign for the end of our driveway — my first ever. It just says “If C wins, you lose!” That’s not terribly informative, but it might spur someone to investigate the issue.

So please encourage your Colorado voter friends to vote no on C&D.

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