The Ha-Ha-Ha-Harriet Show

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Oct 272005

I’m increasingly amused by the ongoing train wreck that is the Harriet Miers nomination. I’m amused rather than dismayed because it now seems extraordinarily unlikely that she’ll be confirmed.

This John Fund article was filled with revealing bits of insider information. This section was particularly insane:

Ms. Miers has never published anything of note other than vanilla op-ed pieces, and her memos to President Bush are protected by executive privilege. In trying to find clues as to her judicial philosophy, I have called all over Texas and Washington in search of people she might have talked with about that topic. No luck. In fact, it became clear Ms. Miers is a complete mystery. “We spent about 1,200 hours together and had in excess of 6,000 agenda items, and I never knew where Harriet was going to be on any of those items until she cast her vote,” Jim Buerger, a former Miers colleague on the Dallas City Council, told the Washington Post. “I wouldn’t consider her a liberal, a moderate or a conservative, and I can’t honestly think of any cause she championed.”

In other words, Harriet Miers is not even principled enough to be a pragmatist!

I found that article on the Volokh Conspiracy, along with the comment: “A friend of mine made the interesting observation that perhaps the best evidence of the continuing problems with the Miers nomination has been the willingness of so many inside and close to the White House to leak so much negative information to John Fund, from a White House that has been able to control such matters in the past.”

Just for the record, John Fund does obviously have far more general respect for George W. Bush than I could ever muster. This whole nomination reeks of a serious impairment of common sense judgment.

Update: Wow, the nomination is dead already.

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