Credit Where Credit Is Due

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Oct 252005

Although I’m not exactly a fan of SOLO, I do need to give some credit to Linz. A few weeks ago, he published a fairly positive review of The Passion of Ayn Rand’s Critics, despite much dismissive skepticism at first. More recently, I was happy to see him kicking ass in response to an awful article claiming that Ayn Rand was actually a fan of the Christian ideal of turning the other cheek. (It’s author, Michael Stuart Kelly, is perhaps the most transparently dishonest contributor to SOLO.)

Unfortunately, Linz doesn’t come out smelling like roses for these articles, since it’s his forum that offers a friendly platform to Michael Stuart Kelly and too many other dishonest critics of Objectivism. Still, I’m glad that someone on SOLO has bothered to read Ayn Rand.

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