Yesterday’s Almost-Faceplant on Lila

 Posted by on 24 August 2013 at 12:00 pm  Animals, Horses, Personal
Aug 242013

My major excitement of yesterday was my horse Lila suddenly stumbling — almost to the point of disaster — while we trotted down a slight hill. (We were out on a trail ride.)

In the span of less than a second, I felt her stumble downward into the ground. I could see only the dirt of the trail in front of me, not her neck. I was headed into that dirt, face-first. Basically, Lila must have tripped, then gone down on one knee.

Amazingly, I pulled myself upright, and Lila managed to right herself quickly too. I’d lost my reins, so she did that all by herself. (Good girl!)

Once we were stopped, I jumped off immediately to sooth her and myself, because dammit, that was scary! Then we trotted off down the trail again, and all was well.


  • christopolis

    another weightlifting payoff, possibly

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