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Oct 132005

Lin Zinser of Front Range Objectivism recently posted a fantastic announcement about the FROST schedule for this season. So now’s the time to plan your travel schedule in advance! Here are the upcoming events:

November 5, 2005 — Craig Biddle, author of Loving Life, will speak on the nature and importance of purpose in one’s life. He will also give a campus club talk on November 3 at CU Boulder on Ayn’s Rand Morality of Selfishness.

January 21, 2006 — Robert Mayhew, professor at Seton Hall and author of too many books to name in this abbreviated space, will contrast Homeric Greek justice with the Christian alternative. He will also give a campus club talk on January 20 at CU Boulder on Humor in The Fountainhead.

March 4 and 5, 2006 — Weekend Mini-Conference on Philosophical Issues in Law; speakers include Tara Smith, Amy Peikoff, Eric Daniels, and more. Inquire about special rates for students.

April 15, 2006 — Keith Lockitch, ARI Junior Fellow, will speak on Environmentalism. He will also give a campus club talk on April 13 at CU Boulder on Creationism.

June 3, 2006 — C. Bradley Thompson, professor and author of John Adams and The Spirit of Liberty, will speak on a topic to be determined.

As Lin said, “This will be an dazzling season. Please mark your calendars and save time for these extraordinary speakers.”

I’m particularly excited about the March law conference, as it will be FROST’s biggest event so far. I strongly encourage folks outside Colorado to think about travelling to Denver for it, as I think it will be well worth the trip. (The schedule is such that you can fly in Friday evening, then fly out Sunday evening.) In fact, I hope to see lots of NoodleFood readers from afar!

Of course, visitors from afar are more than welcome to any FROST talk, particularly since those weekends are sure to be chock full of Front Range Objectivism fun! (Please drop me an e-mail if you plan to travel to Denver for any FROST event, so that I can be sure to look out for you!)

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