I’m really quite late in posting this update, as I’ve just finished my seventh sheet of high intensity training. However, as I often say, better late than never! If you’ve not read my prior posts, but you want to see my progress, check out:

Here’s the latest sheet:

Here’s a summary of my progress on various movements, starting from Session 80 from Sheet 5 to Session 96 on Sheet 6. All the machines are Nautilus, except the lower back and the torso rotation. As before, only Leg Press and Lower Back are done every session; all other movements are done every other session.

As you’ll see below, I continued making steady progress on leg press, which I really wanted to do. As a result, I stalled out on some other movements or even decreased. Overall, I’d say it was a good sheet.

Every week:

  • LP: Leg Press: 260 to 280 lbs. I was very happy to be making steady progress again.
  • LB: Lower Back: 160 to 162 lbs. I didn’t make much progress on this wider range of motion, but that’s okay!

Every other week:

  • Hip AB: Hip Abduction: 95 to 85 lbs. It helps to vary the weight on this machine a bit, given that I’m pretty much at my limit.
  • Hip AD: Hip Adduction: 115 to 105 lbs. Same as above
  • CR: Calf Raises: 300 lbs. I didn’t do this often.
  • Lower Back (see above)
  • PD: Lat Pull-Down: 130 lbs. No progress.
  • Leg Press (see above)
  • CP: Chest Press: 75 to 65 lbs. We decreased my weight because I’m just tapped out immediately after leg press.
  • Row: Row: 60 lbs. I still hate this machine, but the movement is exactly one that I use for riding, to get Lila up off her forehand, so I’d better get it done!
  • Ab C: Ab Crunch: Steady at 15 lbs.
Every other week:

  • LE: Leg Extension: 65 to 70 lbs. I went back up to 70 lbs.
  • LC: Leg Curls: LC is a 90-second curl of the leg, with progressive intensity, backward against a stable frame.
  • Lower Back (see above)
  • Leg Press (see above)
  • Bicep: Steady at 45 lbs: It’s still hard to make progress with this machine given that it’s immediately after leg press. Oh well!
  • Tricep: Steady at 80 lbs: Again, no progress, no worries.
  • Rot T: Rotate Torso: 44 to 46 lbs. On this sheet, we began doing a hold rather than movement, which is incredible hard but a much better workout. Now I struggle with muscle failure, rather than the movement.
  • New MXCP: (Funky MedX Ab Cruncher Hold): steady at 75 lbs: All good.

P.S. If you decide to try my SuperSlow gym — now TruFit Health — in south Denver, please tell them that I referred you!

  • Doug McGuff, MD


    You are now at a point in your training where weight progression and reps/TUL are no longer accurate measures of progress. And it is not just because your body has slowed down its gains, it is because of the inherent mechanical limits of the machines (leverage factors, friction, flex in the kevlar belts and deformity in the seat pads). All of this can make things look not so hot on paper, when in fact things are progressing fine.

    Now is the time to internalize. Make your form and concentration better and better without concern for showing progress on paper. Do not give yourself anywhere to hide, accumulate fatigue as aggressively and as rapidly as you can. You may actually see your TUL’s (or reps) go down, but if it is because your form and focus are better, then it actually indicates a better stimulus.

    Great job! Your strength probably saved you from completing your faceplant off of Lila. Please don’t make me have to add horses to my “dirty dozen”.

    • https://philosophyinaction.com/ Diana Hsieh

      Thanks so much for that, Doug! I’m okay with not making much progress at this point, because you’re surely right about the importance of faceplant-prevention!

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