One Year with the Most Helpersome Kitty Ever

 Posted by on 13 August 2013 at 7:00 pm  Animals, Cats, Personal
Aug 132013

One year ago today, we acquired this teensy tiny little itty bitty kitty:

We named him Merlin. He’s grown into a medium-sized kitty who always cheerfully does whatever he damn well pleases, without the slightest regard for the feelings of the other nearby cats, dogs, or humans. He would tell you that he’s not “pestersome” but rather “helpersome.” He particularly like to help with the consumption of any deli meat, but he’s willing to help me with any kind of cooking, really.

Here he is this afternoon, enjoying some light reading by Ben Franklin:

I’m so glad that we adopted him! With his great confidence and spirit, he fits so well into the chaotic menagerie Chez Hsieh! Happy Adopaday, Merlin!

  • mtnrunner2

    Definitely a cool kitty. I’ve had cats sit in funny places (usually on a magazine/book I was trying to read, or in front of my computer screen) but I think Merlin takes the prize in that regard. Also a good counterexample to the claim that cats are aloof.

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