Damn Funny

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Oct 072005

Even though just a passing thought, this fisking of the latest anti-ARI absurdity on SOLO was damn funny.

However, I must admit that I never received a copy of How To Be a Good Little Randroid. What a terrible oversight! All this time, I’ve been trying to muddle along on my own independent judgment of the facts, without the benefit of anyone telling me what to think. How inefficient!

Happily, I do hope to visit the Ayn Rand Institute while in Los Angeles next week. Perhaps if I’m very, very careful to blog only Proper Objectivist Stuff over the next few days, they might give me a copy. Sure, I’ll also have to sacrifice a goat on the Blessed Altar of Ayn Rand and kiss Yaron Brook’s ring to even pass through the doors, but I’m used to that, since it’s standard procedure at all ARI functions.

That would be a small price to pay for a rare gem like How To Be a Good Little Randroid!

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