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Oct 072005

This is an interesting offer:

*** MEDIA RELEASE *** OCTOBER 5, 2005 ***


Colorado fans of Serenity, the new, big-hearted sci-fi-action film by Joss Whedon (of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fame), are offering a limited money-back guarantee to Colorado residents in order to generate greater interest in the movie. (Conditions are described below).

“Serenity is the one of the year’s best movies. Critics love it, and audience reaction has been great. It’s an action-adventure movie spiced with romance, scary Reavers, thoughtful themes, and plenty of laughs. Joss Whedon is a terrific writer, and the actors are superb. Our goal in offering the money-back guarantee is two-fold. First, we truly love this movie and we think you will, too. Second, the better the movie does in theaters, the better the prospects for the future of the franchise. We want to see at least two more movies in the world of Serenity!” said Jennifer and Ari Armstrong, who organized the offer.

Ari added, “This is a futuristic action movie written about compelling and heroic characters you can relate to. This movie will appeal to people of all ages (though please note the PG-13 rating), men and women, everybody, really. And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.”

Jennifer said, “At a pre-screening, we got to meet Jewel Staite, who plays Kaylee, the ship’s charming mechanic. The cast and crew of Serenity have given so much to the fans: this offer is our little way of giving something back.”

Ari noted, “The fans of Serenity are wonderful. They have hosted parties, contributed to charities, written songs, created podcasts, and even filmed an independent documentary about the creators and fans of Serenity. We’re pleased to be able to join in the celebration of this cinematic achievement.”

Other contributors to the money-back guarantee include Mike Williams, Richard Blake, and AJ Lindell. Some of the contributors are active with Mile HIgh Browncoats, a local Serenity fan club.

“We hope our effort in Colorado inspires fans elsewhere to consider making similar offers,” Ari said.

Serenity, which continues the story of the TV series Firefly, is about the crew of a small ship that Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) named Serenity, in memory of the Battle of Serenity Valley where Mal’s side lost. The crew protects a pair of fugitives on the run from a relentless operative working for the power-hungry Alliance. Captain Reynolds and his crew must also face down the frightening Reavers.

The conditions for the money-back guarantee are as follows:

1. The offer is good only for the first 100 Colorado residents who reply.

2. Ari Armstrong will repay the cost of the ticket (maximum $10 per ticket) for the first 100 Colorado one-time viewers of the film Serenity who do not enjoy the movie, only for movie viewings on or between the dates of October 5 and October 31, 2005. Claims must be received no later than November 15, 2005. Claims will be paid by November 30, 2005.

3. To claim the payment, a person must affirm in a signed statement that he or she saw Serenity one time only, lives in Colorado, and did not enjoy the movie. The person must send in his or her original Serenity movie ticket along with a written statement (minimum 200 words) explaining why he or she did not enjoy the movie Serenity. The person must also include his or her name for payment purposes and a valid return mailing address.

4. Ari Armstrong reserves the right to publish on the internet the names and written statements of those who respond to this offer.

5. Claims must be sent to Ari Armstrong, 9975 Wadsworth Pkwy. #K2-111, Westminster, CO 80021.

Ari said, “Go see Serenity! You have nothing to lose. I think you’ll love the movie. If you don’t enjoy it, we’ll pay you back for your ticket out of our own pockets. You can’t stop the signal.”

Summaries of this release should state that the conditions and rules for this offer may be obtained by e-mailing Ari Armstrong at ari[AT]

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