Forbes has just published my latest OpEd, “The Single Most Important Lesson Gun Owners Should Learn From The George Zimmerman Case“.

Here is the opening:

I am a gun owner. I support the 2nd Amendment and the right to self-defense. Although I’m not a police officer or a gun expert, I am one of the 8 million Americans with a concealed weapons permit. And the most important lesson I’ve learned from the George Zimmerman case is, “Don’t go looking for trouble”…


  • Marc Van Dam

    Bravo. Probably one of if not the best perspective on this whole “media” issue I’ve read . Been following your wife’s blog mostly but your articles and commentaries over the years have gotten extremely poignant and on point.



  • Sajid Anjum

    Hi–Just read the article and loved it too. When I tried to analyze why the Left (including our president) felt so strongly about the issue I came to a similar conclusion; Zimmerman should have left the policing to the police and he unnecessarily created a situation where conflict could have been avoided. Of course, Trayvon could (and should) have also taken measures to avoid making the situation worse but Zimmerman was the 28 year old man with experience in such cases while Trayvon was the 17 year old boy.

  • Barney Steel

    The Moral of the story is’ don’t assault the neighborhood watch.”

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