Axiomatic — Issue 1 is Available!

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Oct 022005

I’m very excited to announce that the first issue of Axiomatic, an online magazine for Objectivists, is available. Here’s our first month’s line up:

  • “The Value of Risk” by Don Watkins. Unlike a man’s attitude toward some particular activity, such as golf, a man’s attitude toward risk is reflected in all his choices and actions. It therefore reveals something much more fundamental about his soul.
  • “Einstein’s Contributions to Quantum Theory,” Part 1 of 3 by Travis Norsen. Understanding Einstein’s objections to the orthodox quantum theory — and the details of his attempts to construct a reasonable alternative — is a necessary first step toward untangling the quantum mess and constructing a fully rational theory.
  • “Last Gasp for The God of The Gaps” by Greg Perkins. Why does religion continue to thrive in this scientific, technological age? Because, despite mankind’s technological progress, we have been morally stagnant since the rise of Christianity. So long as peoplereject the possibility of a rational ethics, an irrational metaphysics and epistemology will continue to dominate.
  • “The Axiomatic Interview with Andrew Bernstein.” Andrew Bernstein, author of The Capitalist Manifesto, sits down with Axiomatic to discuss his new book, the role of epistemology in grasping the case for capitalism, hurricane Katrina, and his future writing projects.
  • Bonus: “The Nature of Broken Units” by Don Watkins. If a concept doesn’t mean its definition, but its referents, including all the characteristics of its referents, then how can we define man as a rational animal when some men lack a conceptual faculty? And howcan we make general claims, such as, “Man sees color,” when some men can’t see at all?

    Subscribe by October 31 and get twelve issues for only $65 — that’s $55 off the issue-price. You can also purchase six issues for only $40, or try out our first issue for a mere $10.

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this first issue possible… your aid and encouragement was invaluable.

  • UPDATE: Thanks to input from NoodleFood readers, I have made hardcopies of Axiomatic available at: The price is $10, and I have therefore reduced online prices according. Online subscription rates are now 12 issues for $40, 6 for $20, and 1 for $5. Thanks to everyone for your input!

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