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Sep 262005

Wowowow. I really, really, really hate when web sites quote one of Ayn Rand’s villains as if they are quoting her. Here’s a particularly gross example:

A Thought for the Day: Russian-Born American Novelist and Screenwriter Ayn Rand Said, ‘disunity, That’s the Trouble. It’s My Absolute Opinion That in Our Complex Industrial Society, No Business Enterprise Can Succeed Without Sharing the Burden of the Problem with Other Enterprises.’

Happily, two people have posted objections to the use of the quote. (And sheesh, what’s up with those bizarre capitals?)

I’ve also run into this banal quote wrongly attributed to Ayn Rand more than once: “The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.” It recently became the subject of an entertaining e-mail debate between myself and a fellow Titan Toastmaster after he quoted it as the thought of the week.

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