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Sep 142005

Although I’m taking this semester off from classes at Boulder to catch up with a slew of incompletes, I’m insanely happy to still be taking classes from the Objectivist Academic Center again. (Last year, as you might recall, I took Onkar Ghate’s amazing “Philosophy of Ayn Rand” class.)

My first “Intermediate Writing” class with Keith Lockitch was tonight. I’m really quite enthused by the basic structure of the course, in that we will be exploring the proper principles of writing through the discussion of op-ed-type articles submitted by students. I’m also taking Onkar Ghate’s “Objective Communication” class, although that won’t become exciting until next semester. This semester, I just need to re-listen to Leonard Peikoff’s excellent Objective Communication course. Next semester, we’ll be giving our own presentations, to be evaluated by Onkar in the course of class discussion — just like in the original course. That should be fantastic! And scary! Hooray!

In general, I couldn’t be any happier with the education that the Ayn Rand Institute offers befuddled Objectivist students like me. It’s more than I ever thought possible. To make it perfect, I just need to convince Boulder to give me some credit for all my hard work. I do plan to inquire about credit for last year’s course, since it was a far more clear, thorough, detailed, and demanding course covering a vast range of material than any graduate course I’ve taken. I’ll need to inquire about that very, very carefully, however.

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