Happiness Should Be Normal

 Posted by on 5 July 2013 at 10:00 am  Advice, Ethics, Happiness
Jul 052013

I wrote this tidbit for this week’s Philosophy in Action Newsletter, and I thought it worth sharing!

Sometimes, it’s a bit too easy to get sucked into troubles and worries. They start small and slow, but gradually, they consume you. Then, at least for me, the stress of those troubles quickly becomes “the new normal.” I forget just how happy my life usually is… until I manage to re-establish my normal life. Then I wonder why the heck I let those troubles so consume so much of me for so long.

Of course, sometimes the troubles can’t be avoided. At other times, we could — and should — shed them. (That’s what I just did. It took a few weeks, but oh the joy!)

Whatever you choose to do about your troubles, don’t lose your connection to the joy possible in life. That’s just deadly to the soul. Plus, it’s so much harder to regain your zest for life if you’re not consciously aware that you’ve lost it.

Life can be — and should be — so very good!

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