May 282013

As May draws to a close, I wanted to remind y’all that you can support my work via Philosophy in Action’s Tip jar. (That “y’all” is thanks to the unbelievable fabulousness that was ATLOSCon 2013.)

That support enables Philosophy in Action Radio to reach an ever-wider audience. Recently, that includes 19,861 listens and downloads for April 28th’s radio show, where I answered questions on self-interest in marriage, atheists attending religious ceremonies, multigenerational space travel, drugs as treatment for mental illness, and more. It includes 4530 listens and downloads for May 12th’s radio show, where I answered questions on taxes versus slavery, infanticide after abortion, emergency medical care, and more.

Mostly though, I hope that people contribute to the tip jar because they find value in my work. Here’s a few comments that I got with tips lately that I particularly enjoyed. I received this first one after my April 14th radio show, in which I discussed moral judgments of obese people, among other topics.

This second one references my December 30th radio show on the good in American culture.

Finally, this third one is talking about my May 15th interview with Paul McKeever, which I agree was fabulous!

Oh wait, I just found another… about my February 20th interview with Chris Mortensen:

If you enjoy my blogging and radio shows but you’ve not yet contributed (or you’ve not contributed lately), please consider throwing some love in the tip jar. That really makes a dig difference to me, financially and spiritually.

You’ll find the buttons to contribute below. You can contribute via Dwolla, PayPal, or US Mail. (I recommend that you use Dwolla: it’s a payment system with lower fees, stronger security, and better interface design than PayPal. A Dwolla account is free and easy to create.)

However… I know that some of you aren’t financially able to contribute, even though you enjoy and appreciate my work. In that case, please know that I notice and cheer whenever you share the announcements of upcoming shows, as well link to podcasts of past shows and blog posts, on Facebook and Twitter. That helps grow my audience, and I appreciate that show of support too.

Contribute Via PayPal

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Please write “P/A Radio” in the memo field.

Again, my hearty thanks to everyone who has contributed to Philosophy in Action in May, including those of you at ATLOSCon. I couldn’t do what I do without your support!

  • Martin L. Buchanan

    A hopefully constructive comment: I have no problem with the solicitation, but the Objectivist in me had a strong negative emotional reaction to “Needs” in the title, so reading Atlas Shrugged a dozen times has definitely affected me.

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