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Jun 082002

John Hawkins has some good stuff over at Brass Knuckles. My favorite was this tidbit:

RPG’s Suck: MunDane rips on Role Playing Games and suggests some alternatives. Personally, I think Webmaster would be a good one to throw in.

Webmaster: Get up, go work, then go home code and update until bed. In your free time learn Linux for bonus points. Get a higher score if you can build the site without turning to porn or going nuts thinking about how successful the Hamster dance was. Get linked by Slashdot, Fark, and the Drudge Report in the same day to win. But beware, lousy webhosts & crooked advertising agencies will try to stop you at every opportunity!

Hey, how about the Philosopher RPG? Here goes:

Wake up. Wonder whether you are still dreaming. Sit down at your computer. Points if you don’t knock over the 35 books piled on your desk. Points if you can remember what the hell you wrote the previous day. Even more points if you don’t have to scrap and rewrite most of yesterday’s work. Points for every theoretical problem in your argument that you successfully identify and solve. Points off for wondering whether the whole structure of the paper is flawed. Lose if you try to rewrite the whole damn paper before tomorrow’s deadline. To win, convince more than five people to read your paper once it’s published. But beware, you will be penalized for those dastardly thoughts that you ought to have become a webmaster!

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