Jason Stotts on Polysexuality

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May 232013

Way back in December 2010, I answered a question on Polyamory Versus Monogamy. In response, Jason Stotts, a friend who blogs on sexual ethics, challenged some of what I said via private email. Since then, I’ve been wanting to revisit the topic… but I’ve been a bit hesitant to do so because I want to do it well.

On Sunday’s Radio Show, I’ll take the plunge, in that I’ll be answering a question on “open relationships.” Yikes!

If you’d like to read a bit more on the topic, I’d suggest that you start with Jason Stotts’ revised essay “On Polysexuality.” Here’s his summary:

Our language related to sex must be expanded to capture all of the variations that we see in real life. And we need to understand this because sex is good and a valuable part of a human life. The way we structure our relationships and sex lives has a lot of optionality that depends on the people in the relationship and can include multiple loving relationships or multiple sexual relationships, the right way for any particular couple may not be monosexual monoamory, and this would be fine because polysexuality and polyamory are natural and can be perfectly moral choices. As long as we observe some simple guidelines, leaving societally structured relationships and constructing our own can help us to live the best kind of lives possible.

I’m not sure that I’ll agree with Jason’s views, but I think the essay is worth a good look.

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