The Tea Party Patriots left me yet another robo-call message on my iPhone on Monday… and I see that they called again this evening. I’ve never signed up for anything from them, and I have no idea how they got my mobile number. Yet for many months now, I’ve gotten periodic robo-calls from them.

Every time this happens, I make repeated requests — through all available means of communication — to be removed from their call list. They’ve never responded, and they have obviously not removed my mobile number from their call list.

I don’t have any way to block them on my iPhone (as I would on my landline), and them calling my cellphone is particularly bothersome. Any suggestions for what to do to make it stop?

Even if that’s not possible, I’m happy to spread the word that the Tea Party Patriots seems to be run by a bunch of jerkwads without the slightest clue about basic manners.

Here’s my latest email to them… not that I expect it to do any good:

You left me yet another robo-call message on my iPhone on Monday… and I see that you called again this evening. Every time this happens, I’ve contacted you through multiple channels with clear requests to be removed from your call list. You have never responded, and you have obviously not removed my mobile number from your call list.


So, for the upteeth time, I ask that you remove my cell number — [redacted] — from your call list! I am sick and tired of these intrusive and unwelcome calls from you: it’s harassment.

Until you respond, and confirm that you’ve removed my phone number, I will continue to publicly shame you for being such rude jerkwads. I’ve already posted something to Facebook, and I’m writing a blog post now.

Oh, and you owe me — and probably a whole lot of other people — a BIG FAT APOLOGY.

I’d be nicer about it… except that I’ve already written about ten such emails, all of which have been ignored. *sigh*

  • Qwertz

    You can file an action in State court for an injunction and $1,500 per call under the federal Telemarketing Consumer Protection Act of 1991, which prohibits auto-dialed or pre recorded calls to cell phones (47 U.S.C. § 227(b)(1)(A)) and creates a private right of action enforceable in State courts (47 U.S.C. § 227(b)(3)). When the robocall call is to a cellular phone service, there is no requirement that the call be for commercial solicitation. While political organizations enjoy greater freedom under the TCPA, they still may not use autodialers or pre-recorded messages when calling cell phones without your express consent.

    • Mike A

      No you can’t. The No Call List does not apply to non-profit organizations, so they will not be fined. I’m a lifelong conservative and the robo calls have totally turned me off to that organization. I finally stopped asking nicely and started ranting and cursing them with every name in the book, leaving ten such messages per hour continuously until they removed my number from their robocalls. Earlier this week, I received the first robo call in nearly a year. Looks like it’s time to make them miserable again.

  • getironic

    You should be able to block calls via Google voice.

    There’s all sorts of nifty privacy features available in there that allow you to individualize settings for each number. You can choose to send some numbers direct to voice-mail every time, or just block them outright, among other options.

  • TP

    You voted for Obama, yes? Just call his office and he can turn the IRS on those teabaggers who are calling you. Maybe he can even have the FCC put them in prison for you.

    • Robert Wilson

      HAW! HAW! HAW! A true patriot.

  • James L. Cronk

    It always looks difficult to stop unwanted calls. If you block a number on your mobile phone, they will call you from another. The only way to stop all these marketing and other unwanted calls is registration of DNC or DND services. For more info :

    • Mike A

      DNC and DND services would be a waste of money since they simply file the complaint based on “Do Not Call” legislation. However, this legeslation only applies to “for-profit” companies. Since the Tea Party Patriots is a non-profit organization, they cannot be censured or fined for harassing you – believe me I tried.

  • Leonard Lawrence

    I have the same problem with these so-called “Tea Party Patriots”.

    I moved into my house last year, and evidently, the last owner did not fill out a forwarding order, as I have been receiving all kinds of junk mail (mostly political) addressed to him. It has gotten so bad that on some days, my mailbox is literally stuffed with junk mail for the old owner. I started contacting the sender of each piece of junk mail individually, asking them to take my address off of their mailing lists, and the flood of junk mail is slowly starting to abate. However, one organization that seems to be ignoring my requests to stop sending junk mail is the aforementioned “Tea Party Patriots”. Their junk mail has continued unabated. No wonder people hate these tea baggers!

  • Mel

    So annoying. They call all the times. I told them that the lady they’re calling is now a hospice and she’s not able to speak anymore and on her death bed, they said that they’ll call back later. Again I explain that the lady isn’t able to speak, then they hung up. This has been going on for a while. I’m pissed and I’m running out of patience. Next timethey’ll pay for all their distractions and for not listening.

  • Mike Adams

    When are these harassing calls going to stop ? I receive at least fourteen to twenty calls per week from the “Tea Party” I am English and enjoy coming here to Florida for several months per year but because the tea party are using a well out of date lists of names and phone numbers I keep being called and they ask for a guy who hasn’t had this phone number for over seven years.When I ask politely (which I have several times) I receive an apology in most cases but others just end the call and then we receive another call later,it’s so annoying and probably has a negative effect for people they are trying to reach for support.

  • Grizzley Adams

    I had asked on several occasions to be removed from the list,before Happy Holidays,spoke with a really nice mature lady and we have not been pestered since,until last night,off we go again !! I’m English and spend six months each year in your wonderful country,can’t vote of course so why bother me ?? Bad bad bad policy to piss people off ! you need to re-think TPP !!!

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