Two Videos of Me Jumping Lila

 Posted by on 18 May 2013 at 10:00 am  Personal, Sports
May 182013

First, from my 10 January 2013 lesson: Jumping an Oxer: The Ugly, The Bad, The Bad, The Bad, and The Good. The first time over was a complete disaster, then it was merely bad, bad, and bad. Finally, I got it right because I turned sooner: I wasn’t preoccupied with straightening her in the strides before the fence, so I was able to focus on getting a good canter from her. (Yes, that makes a world of difference!)

Second, from my 22 January 2013 lesson: Two Fences with a Tight Turn. These tight turns are difficult for Lila and me. If I don’t have her very collected yet still powerful in her stride, they’re a disaster. Here, we did okay.

Earlier this week, I had my first lesson since January 22nd… and it was so much fun! Alas, no video.

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