Magic in Denver: Sleightly Impossible

 Posted by on 10 May 2013 at 10:00 am  Colorado, Magic
May 102013

Paul and I love magic, so for our 14th anniversary last night, I took him to see the comedic magic show of Sleightly Impossible in Denver. (It was a surprise for him… and a damn good one!) Sleightly Impossible is a trio of magicians, and they do a show once per month at the Lumber Baron Inn. They’re pretty much the only magic show in Denver. (That’s really unfortunate!)

I was hoping that the show would be entertaining… and all of my expectations were wildly exceeded. The magic was excellent — particularly the mind-blowing glass and bottle trick, plus the egg and bag sleight of hand. Plus, the whole audience was in stitches of laughter pretty routinely.

The best combination of magic and humor was a variation on the “card between two panes of glass” trick — only this version used a cheese-filled banana and two wheat bread in a ziplock bag. No, really! Here it is, in progress:

As I mentioned, Sleightly Impossible puts on a show once per month in Denver. It’s just $13 per person. If you like magic, you’ll not find any better live entertainment anywhere in Denver. Also, the show is very suitable for kids, say above the age of 7. Many kids were used as assistants too. (I got to hold the lemon for the “torn $20 bill in the lemon” trick.)

My only complaint is that Paul and I were a bit slow in getting our seats, so we were about four rows back. Our view was fine, but still, the closer the better! So next time I see the show — and I’d love to go again when we have guests in town — I want to sit in the front row!

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