Efficient Unpacking with Merlin

 Posted by on 26 June 2013 at 2:00 pm  Animals, Funny, Personal
Jun 262013

If you wish to unpack a suitcase Chez Hsieh, you must take the following steps:

  1. Remove all items from the suitcase.
  2. Put Merlin in the suitcase and shut the lid, so that he can party like it’s 1999.
  3. Put all your stuff away.
  4. Open up the suitcase, carefully so as not to get attacked, and gently extract Merlin.
  5. Put away the suitcase.

Note: If you do not follow these steps, Merlin will have a party with all your things on the bed, and unpacking will require at least twice as much time.

Alas, I didn’t get a picture… but here’s a picture of a not-so-happy Elliot in my suitcase, apparently attempting to prevent me from packing to go on another trip.

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