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May 072013

Jason Crawford recently posted this announcement to OActivists, and I’m reposting it here with his permission. This is a great project, definitely worthy of support!

Free Objectivist Books

You may be familiar with my website Free Objectivist Books, where students sign up to read books by Ayn Rand or about Objectivism, and donors can choose which ones to sponsor. To date we have had over 2,000 students apply and have granted over 800 requests.

Until now, donors have been responsible for sending the books themselves (in the mail or online). Some of you wanted to participate but found this to be too much administrative work.

An easier way to donate

Now there is an easier way to donate, with no hassle. Instead of sending books yourself, you can make a contribution on the site to cover the cost of your books, and one of our site volunteers will send the book on your behalf.

If you’re not already a donor, I encourage you to sign up here.

Volunteers needed too!

If you would prefer to give time and not money, we also need more volunteers. Volunteering can be done online in as little as 30 minutes/week. Contact me personally to sign up.

Hundreds of open requests

There are almost 500 students with open applications, such as John Guarco, studying economics at Duke, who wants The Virtue of Selfishness and says: “I want to learn more about the philosophy of Objectivism. After reading Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, I want to delve more and learn more about Ayn Rand’s tantalizing philosophy.”

Or Shanae Brown, studying neuroscience and philosophy at Ohio State, who says: “I’ve only heard good things about Atlas Shrugged. As a student working and interested in politics I think it would be immensely beneficial to educate myself with the (objectivist) beliefs of Rand–especially in today’s highly entitlement minded society.”

You choose the requests, you receive a personal thank-you from the students, and you hear when they have finished the book and what they thought of it.

Not convinced? Read these testimonials from students and donors.

Free Objectivist Books is the simplest and easiest way to get Ayn Rand’s ideas into the hands of students who want to read them.

I recently donated. I particularly enjoyed seeing the requests of the students and getting their thank-yous, such as this one: “Thank you very much! Just got the book today. 5/6/2013 and starting to read……… NOW! Thanks again :)” I love that!

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