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Jun 082002

I just went through most of the tediously boring first episode of Captain Euro. Three notes:

1. We Americans might not be the polyglots the Europeans are, but at least we aren’t slow readers. The comic would pause for eons before allowing the reader to continue to the next slide. Augh!

2. What kind of superhero wears a baseball cap?!? Norwegian Blogger is perhaps too kind to the outfits in writing:

Also what is it with the Twelve Stars outfits? I mean those things look like a hideous combination of a gas attendants outfit and a track suit, the kind you buy for $29.95 at the local gas station, that and the bizarro tights that look like something you’d see in a 1950′s version of Robin Hood.

3. Did Europe revert to paganism without anyone noticing? I’m no fan of Christianity, but a comic that treats the Norse, Celtic, and Greek gods as obviously real is a bit too much strange mystic fantasy for me. I’ll take the American comic book heroes created by fantasy science like genetic mutation and radioactive spiders over mystical Euroweeniegods any day!

Perhaps fortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the episode, as I couldn’t get this page to load. Oh, I’m just heartbroken!

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