On the Boston Marathon Bombing

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Apr 162013

I don’t have words to properly express my feelings about yesterday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon, so I’ll let Craig Biddle of The Objective Standard speak for me:

Our hearts go out to the victims of the explosions in Boston and to their families and loved ones. Kudos to the first responders and others who are helping the victims and hunting the perpetrators. May justice be swift and decisive.

I have read some gut-wrenching accounts from eye-witnesses, particularly Tragedy in Boston: One Photographer’s Eyewitness Account.

The stories of people helping the many confused, frightened, hungry, cold, and stranded runners are heartening, yet also somehow awful. It’s heartening to see ordinary people fight such evil with benevolence. Such people are not willing to allow the bombing to victimize any more people than necessary, and that’s so very good of them. Yet the bombing was not a natural disaster, but a vicious attack against innocent people. Such kindness should not be necessary, and that’s what makes it so awful too.

Also, for a well-earned smack-down of pundits already using the bombing to score political points, read: The 6 Worst Media Reactions to the Boston Marathon Bombing. Blech.

If, like me, you need to experience a bit of cheery goodness after thinking on such events, go watch this video: Hero Turtle Rescues Upside Down Turtle.

Granted, Hero Turtle takes his sweet time in accomplishing the rescue… but such is his nature!

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