A Strange Analogy

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Aug 142005

Is Daniel Libeskind a real-life Howard Roark? Is his Freedom Tower like the fictional Cortlandt Homes? The comparison is absurd on its face — yet Aaron Margolis’ argues just that. The argument is actually interesting, in that it substantially depends upon floating abstractions, rationalism, and non sequitur — although not always in obvious ways.

Also, I must admit that I found the naked elitism rather funny: “Rather than welcoming the next generation of architectural masterpieces with open arms, the architecturally ignorant are trying to intrude where they don’t belong, trying to, in their minds, improve upon the masters.”

Ah yes, how dare I criticize my betters?!? I shall go hide in my dank little corner of the universe now, never daring to even gaze upon the architectural wonders of the exalted masters.

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