Apr 252013

As y’all know, Philosophy in Action is financially powered by the enthusiastic support of our generous fans. Although I don’t yet earn nearly as much as I’d like, the radio show couldn’t survive without those tips. Heck, I couldn’t motivate myself to prepare and broadcast every week — even knowing that thousands are listening — without the moral support of people implicitly saying, by their contributions, “Hey, I really value the work that you’re doing. Really!”

I have tons and tons and tons of development work to do with Philosophy in Action in future, including offering more in writing and more exclusive benefits to contributors. That work is underway, albeit slowly. I hope that will grow my audience, as well as my revenue.

In the meantime, I can’t properly express how much I appreciate contributions with with messages like this one:

I’ve been reading NoodleFood for many years, and it has been a huge boon to my life. I started reading it just after I read Atlas Shrugged, back when I was an Objectivist infant. You’ve helped clarify my thinking on so many issues. And the work you’re doing now in your podcasts is better equipping me to pursue my own life and happiness. I’m thrilled to support your work in whatever small way I can. Thank you so much.


Diana, Thank you for your continued work in presenting well thought out answers to questions that are relevant today. You and Greg do an excellent job, and I am a happy listener.

Here’s another, recently received via the old-fashioned method of snail mail:

See? That’s just awesome.

As April draws to a close, I just want to remind you not to neglect the hard work of your personal philosopher. If you enjoy my blogging and radio shows but you’ve not yet contributed (or you’ve not contributed lately), please consider throwing some love in the tip jar. That really makes a dig difference to me, financially and spiritually.

You’ll find the buttons to contribute below. You can contribute via Dwolla, PayPal, or US Mail. (I recommend that you use Dwolla: it’s a payment system with lower fees, stronger security, and better interface design than PayPal. A Dwolla account is free and easy to create.)

However… I know that some of you aren’t financially able to contribute, even though you enjoy and appreciate my work. In that case, please know that I notice and cheer whenever you share the announcements of upcoming shows, as well link to podcasts of past shows and blog posts, on Facebook and Twitter. That helps grow my audience, and I appreciate that show of support too.

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Please write “P/A Radio” in the memo field.

Again, my hearty thanks to everyone who has contributed to Philosophy in Action of late. I couldn’t do what I do without your support!

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