Happy WTF Day!

 Posted by on 11 April 2013 at 2:00 pm  Funny, WTF
Apr 112013

Today is WTF Day, a holiday that I created a few years ago in response to some inordinate amount of WTFery on that day. I don’t remember what happened that day, but I put “WTF Day” on my calendar, so here we are!

On this grand holiday, do not indulge in any WTFery yourself. Also, please avoid becoming the victim of other people’s WTFery. Instead, pop the popcorn and laugh at the WTFery of others from afar.

Here’s my favorite WTFery of the day:

I’m not sure what I enjoyed more… the driver’s screaming like a little girl on seeing the cost of the ticket … or the police officer calmly telling the man that he would cite him for littering if he didn’t pick up the papers dropped in that hissy fit.

Oh, and be sure to whisper a prayer to the WTFairy, with suitable awe and reverence, lest she rain extra doses of WTFery upon you over the next year!

  • Bill Perry

    A guy I worked with had WTF on his license plate. He got away with it because it also had numbers like “523 WTF.” He succeeded in getting it transferred when he got a new vehicle too.

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