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Apr 122013

  • Matthew Moore

    Diana, I don’t understand why you (and a lot of other people) are so upset over Obama’s comment about Kamala Harris. I think it’s important to take into account the rest of the quote; before complimenting her on her good looks, he complimented her intellect and hard work.

    Whenever someone has complimented me on my physical appearance, I have never interpreted that as in any way demeaning my intellect or anything else about me. I think Obama’s compliment about her good looks should be taken as a compliment about her good looks and nothing more. I don’t see why Obama should have omitted that compliment.

  • Justin Roff-Marsh

    I’m with Matthew on this. I was recently introduced to speak at a business function by someone who did the usual intro, then mentioned, with a smile, that I looked like I could probably do more push-ups than anyone there.

    I see no reason why I should have been offended.

  • SteveD

    So the question about the Diana DeGette incident is, do we actually *want* her to know more about guns? She might decide grandfathering “high capacity” (actually “entirely appropriate capacity not that it’s anyone’s damn business but mine”) magazines isn’t tolerable and we’d be even worse off.

    • John Pryce

      Yes, but if she knew a LOT more about guns, she might not want them banned at all.

  • G W

    Yes, because good looking women never, ever (read: more often than not) use their looks in to manipulate others in order to get ahead (or, at the very least, allow others to attempt to curry their personal favor because they want what’s being offered). Someone who’s willing to be an AG under Obama is of the highest integrity, and would never resort to using such non-objective strategies. I’m sure.

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