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May 142013

Many moons ago, shortly after I published my podcast on Finding Good Prospects for Romance and Friendship, Stella Zawistowski sent me this set of excellent ideas for first dates, particularly geared toward city-dwellers.

  • If you live near a college, university, or especially a conservatory for the arts, be sure to get on the school’s mailing list or check posted schedules regularly for free or low-cost performances. You’ll frequently find Shakespeare, dance productions, recitals, orchestra concerts, and sometimes even opera.
  • Ballroom dance studios often offer free or low-price guest nights to attract new students. You can enjoy the free beginners’ lesson, then apply your new skills dancing with your date for the rest of the night.
  • Many pubs and bars offer trivia nights. You and your date can be a two-person team.
  • Some bars and restaurants offer themed wine-tasting nights.
  • Picnic in the park. Bonus points if you make the food yourself and/or have a dog that likes to play.
  • Follow dinner or drinks with board games instead of a movie.
  • In the summer, many cities have food festivals or street fairs that it’s fun to browse with a date.
  • If you and your date are sports fans, try minor-league or college games. Minor-league baseball is a particularly fun date, and usually costs the same or less than a movie ticket! If there’s no minor-league team in your area, catch a game at a sports bar.
  • Go on a hike (but don’t pick too strenuous a trail; you want to be able to converse with your date).
  • Visit your local zoo or botanical gardens to enjoy nature harnessed for man’s enjoyment.
  • If your city has a Time Out magazine, subscribe to it (or visit to find all kinds of events.
  • Many farmer’s markets offer free or low-cost cooking demonstrations. See how a dish is made, then buy the ingredients, go home and prepare it with your date.

Any other ideas? Post them in the comments!

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  • William H. Stoddard

    When Carol first asked me to get together with her, she suggested going to the San Diego Museum of Art. I believe that was September 4, 1984. We’ve gone to quite a few art museums since; probably the high point was the Kimbell in Fort Worth, where our brains got so saturated with art that we literally could not absorb any more. We ended up sitting under Maillol’s sculpture L’Air (, which gives me something of the feeling that Rand attributes to Mallory’s sculptures.

  • Martin L. Buchanan

    Take your date on a tour of your steel mill. Extra credit if you can show her the prototypes of your revolutionary new alloy. In a more serious vein: The art museum can be a fun and revealing first date or any date. On a later than first date go to a good public library and sit together with books. The books your date chooses will indicate a lot.

  • carrie

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  • Tsq

    I wouldn’t hike on a first date unless you knew the person well before hand. Better to be somewhere fairly public.

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