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Mar 292013

Paul and I have had a fabulous time at past ATLOSCons, and ATLOSCon 2013 will be even better… because Team Perkins (a.k.a Greg and Tammy) will be joining us! Yipee!

For those not familiar, ATLOSCon is an Objectivist conference held over Memorial Day every year in Atlanta. This year, it’ll be from May 23rd to 27th. You can find the full list of talks here. Registration will be open soon, I imagine.

Team Philosophy in Action will give the following talks:

Diana Hsieh: Moral Amplifiers

Objectivism upholds seven major virtues as indispensable to our lives. Yet what of other qualities of character — such as ambition, courage, spontaneity, liveliness, discretion, patience, empathy, and friendliness? Are these virtues, personality traits, or something else? Diana Hsieh will argue that such qualities are best understood as “moral amplifiers,” because their moral worth wholly depends how they’re used. She will explain why people should cultivate such qualities and why they must be put into practice selectively.

Paul Hsieh: Can’t Stop The Signal: Will Disruptive Technologies Foster Individual Freedom?

New “disruptive” technologies allow people to perform end-runs around traditional middlemen, both government and nongovernment. Bloggers now let us receive news and commentary not available via mainstream media, home-schooling parents can teach their kids free from government constraints, and 3D printing may soon empower individuals to create tools (possibly even guns) in their home workshops. What disruptive technologies could dramatically alter our lives in the next 10-20 years? Should advocates of individual freedom and limited government view these technologies as good, evil, or mixed?

Greg Perkins: The American Trajectory: A Political Roundtable

This session will be a wide ranging discussion of the political events of the year, with a focus on the results of the election and the current state of the economy and culture. We’ll have our own McLaughlin Group! Audience participation is highly encouraged, as this will be a discussion forum for all attendees and not a lecture.

I’ll also be on a panel on “American Colleges from the Inside.”

On Sunday morning, Greg and I will broadcast Philosophy in Action Radio. That will be only the second time that Greg and I have done the broadcast together, in person… and I’m so looking forward to it!

It’s going to be a great time, once again! I hope that you join us!

    No Philosophy in Action on Wednesday
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