Farewell, Mysterious Stranger

 Posted by on 29 July 2005 at 3:05 pm  Uncategorized
Jul 292005

My comments software allows people to post anonymously if they so choose. Until recently, if a person didn’t fill in a name, his comments would appear to be from a “Mysterious Stranger.” However, to prevent one Mysterious Stranger from being confused with another Mysterious Stranger, I’ve decided to change that feature of the software. Those who wish to remain anonymous may still do so, but they must pick some handle for themselves so that they are not confused with other anonymous posters.

Obviously, I hope that any mysterious strangers will consistently post under a single handle. Pretty much any handle will do, although I do ask that people not use the names of Ayn Rand’s fictional heroes, as I find that rather presumptuous, even when not intended as such. Personally, I like it when unnamed commenters use initials, as that renders them anonymous to Google searchers and strangers, but identifies them to friends.

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