Hanging Pictures with Cats

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Mar 282013

A few weeks ago, when I was frantically re-assembling the house to prepare for SnowCon 2013, I hung up our various works of art. Most were just simple jobs, and Merlin “helped” with those by batting around nails and being his usual naughty self.

However, a few hangings required the laser sight level. Silly me, I’ve never played with the laser with Merlin. It was a bit too much fun… as you can see from this fully accurate pie chart that I made:

Now I just need to find our laser pointer…

  • William H. Stoddard

    For most cats, the laser pointer is the ultimate cat toy.

  • SteveD

    How am I supposed to take this seriously when you’ve provided no raw data like (oh…. saaaaay) a cat video?

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