Coma and Death by Public Schools

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Jul 272005

Here’s some good news via Joanne Jacobs:

Hundreds of diabetic students in Texas public schools will be able to check their blood sugar and administer insulin this school year without having to miss class time or sneak around campus.

Under a new law, children with diabetes will have more flexibility to manage their disease. Schools will be required to train additional employees in caring for those with the illness and provide detailed plans on their care while at school.

If this news doesn’t seem particularly noteworthy, consider the problem that it fixes:

Prior to the law, some schools didn’t allow diabetic students to attend certain extracurricular activities or to check their blood glucose levels in class. Some students couldn’t carry monitors or medication to class. And, in severe cases, parents had to take their children off campus several times a day to administer insulin, advocates said.

“Children with diabetes should be able to manage their diabetes on school property. In a lot of schools, that wasn’t happening,” said Veronica De La Garza, a regional advocacy director for the American Diabetes Association.

Beau Yarborough, an incoming senior at Garland High School in Dallas County, said he missed countless hours of class time in middle school going to the nurse’s office, the only place where he was allowed to test his blood glucose levels.

Teachers sometimes refused to let him leave class, even when he was feeling dizzy and faint — danger signs for a diabetic.

Spring Branch Memorial High School junior Claire Conroy had to walk out of class when a substitute teacher refused to let her go to the office to test her blood glucose levels. Students whose levels are too high or too low can feel tired, have blurred vision or problems concentrating. They can eventually faint, slip into a coma and even die.

“Some teachers don’t really understand that it’s an illness. I can tell some of them think I’m faking it,” the 15-year-old said.

As if the intellectual and moral death inflicted upon students in government schools weren’t enough! Now we have coma and death! The mind boggles.

While much blame falls upon the heads of teachers and administrators, I must wonder whether parents who send their children into these death-traps year after year are in any substantial way concerned for their welfare. Their actions suggest that they are not.

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