Lila and Me, on the Flat

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Dec 082012

I don’t know whether y’all will be bored to tears by this video, but just in case not, I thought I’d post it. It’s a 15-minute video of clips from my last riding lesson. It’s not particularly exciting, since I’m working entirely on the flat (as opposed to over fences) although I am riding without stirrups in the small canter circles at the end.

Much to my delight, Lila is finally going “uphill” in a nicely collected canter, which gives me so much more control. Those tight circles at the canter at the end of the video would have been impossible for us a month ago. Still, I need to work more on straightening out my hips and shoulders — and leaning my upper body back.

Because she was taking video on my FlipCam, my instructor wasn’t able to see me as well as usual. So she’s giving me less direction than she usually does. Hence, my great need for a helmet camera for her to wear!

Here’s the one that I bought: Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera. If it ever snows here, I’ll use it for skiing and snowboarding too. I also got this set of outdoor mounts and a larger card.

So… maybe I’ll have some good video of me jumping soon!

  • logan

    Hi Diana–In your lesson on 11/29/12, take a look at 9:58 and 10:10. Try looking into the circle a little bit. It may feel more comfortable and help your balance. The instructor is right about coming back with your shoulders or, another way of saying it, tucking and relaxing your hips under you without collapsing your back. Visualize a plumb line dropped from your shoulder through your hip. Let Lila’s natural balance, as she becomes a little lighter on the front (and I can see that she wants to), move into your reins and reward her when it does. Relax and have fun! Logan~

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