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Jan 252010

I absolutely love this serenade by Derek Bourgeois.

William Green pointed me to it on Twitter. I’d like to find a good recording of it. Any recommendations?

A Capella Poker Face Dance

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Dec 092009

Here’s another great spoof on Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. It’s an a cappella dance routine — seriously — by Berkley’s Noteworthy.

Brian Wang — the primary singer — is just too perfect!

(Via Trey Givens.)

Staying Amped Up

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Dec 012009

I generally don’t listen to music when I work. Unless I’m feeling antsy, I prefer silence. If I am feeling antsy, I like something mellow like Sarah McLaughlin, Natalie Merchant, or Coldplay. The same applies in the car. Unless I have something that I need to think about, I’ll listen to audio books or podcasts.

That has changed lately, largely due to my thyroid problem. I’ve needed to keep myself amped up, so that I don’t sink into full-blown lethargy. For that, I’ve found Lady Gaga invaluable. Undoubtedly, her album “The Fame” shows a fair bit of talent. However, Lady Gaga herself is pretty much completely nuts and often in need of pants.

So I was highly amused by South Park’s recent use of “Poker Face”:

However, even better is Christopher Walken performing the song as a poetry reading. Truly, it just takes the cake:

For the record, Lady Gaga’s video for “Poker Face” is boring and stupid.

Update: Here’s another great parody: Neutra Face : An Ode On A Typeface (A Bearded Poker Face Parody).

Pachabel Hell

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Jan 232009

Funny yet musically instructive:

If you liked that one, try:

Via Amy Mossoff

Onomatopoeia "Live in 3-D", January 30

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Jan 202009

(Yes, that’s me with the sax, and several of me in the audience, too. :^)

It’s time for our huge annual Onomatopoeia concert in the Egyptian Theatre, and as usual, this year’s show will be more spectacular than ever! We’ll be featuring brand new works and favorites from our three critically acclaimed CDs, and we’ll have a string orchestra filling out our wall-o-sound. PLUS there will be the additional entertainment of the occasional Camera Guy in Black scurrying by to get the perfect shot for broadcast TV!

The band is heavy in preparation and the new music is a serious kick in the pants, so if you’re somewhere near the Boise area at the end of the month you won’t want to miss this one!

WHAT: Kevin Kirk & Onomatopoeia “Live in 3-D” (with Strings attached)
WHEN: January 30, 7:30pm
WHERE: Historic Egyptian Theatre, downtown Boise
TICKETS: Reserved seating only, $25, purchased online at this link
INFO: Please phone 208-345-9116 for more information, or visit

Hope to see you there!

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