New Music: Matt Nathanson

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Jun 242011

I’ve been looking for some new music lately, much to my delight, Matt Nathanson released his new album Modern Love just a few days ago. I thought that I’d like it when I bought it, but I didn’t think that I’d like it as much as I do.

Two nights ago, Matt Nathanson performed his single “Faster” on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

He also performed the title track “Modern Love“:

Right now, my favorite song is the more moody “Kiss Quick.”

You can buy Modern Love on iTunes or Amazon, and I didn’t realize until just now that Amazon is a few bucks cheaper. Hooray for competition!

I’m not exactly plugged into up-and-coming musicians. But I found Matt Nathanson through Paul Thomas, a live-sound engineer who often works with Matt Nathanson and who listens to my NoodleCasts.

I liked the whole of Modern Love so much after just 24 hours with it that I bought Matt Nathanson’s prior two albums, Beneath These Fireworks (2003) and Some Mad Hope (2007). So far, I don’t like them quite as much as Modern Love, but I am enjoying them.

Here’s his video from his more mellow song “Come On Get Higher” from Some Mad Hope:

Ok Go Music Video

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Apr 142011

Ok Go. Rube Goldberg. Music video. What more could you ask for?

This video is from 2010, but I just saw it recently.

There’s also some background on how the video was made:

It All Makes Sense At The End

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Aug 102010

Via David Rehm: A great song about Wikipedia: It All Makes Sense At The End.

Jewel Sings Jewel in Karaoke

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Jul 142010

Totally awesome: Jewel disguises herself and sings her own songs in a karaoke bar:

Paparazzi From the Mouth of Babes

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Jul 072010

Via Brandon Killen, a 12 year old performs “Paparazzi” better than Lady Gaga:

Here he’s playing one of his own songs:

More from Greyson97.

A Bit of Awesome

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Jun 072010

If ever you get depressed with the state of the world, just consider how much innovation has happened in recent years to enable this bit of awesome:

The violinist/singer is Paul Dateh. I liked what I heard so much that I bought his two albums in iTunes — Paul Dateh and The Good Life — in iTunes. It’s more bluesy than my usual preferences, but I like it!

(Via Trey Givens)

Bad Romance

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May 072010

Here’s another fun cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”:

For some reason, the fact that their setting and dress is so informal makes it even more awesome. Oh, and the whole thing probably won’t make sense unless you’ve seen Lady Gaga’s video for “Bad Romance”.

My New Musical Obsession: Mika

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Mar 052010

I’ve found a new musical obsession to temporarily displace my beloved Lady Gaga: Mika. (That’s pronounced “me-ka.”) He’s an up-and-coming British pop singer. His music is super-happy-fun-complex pop — which I love love love. I’m most myself when in a state of crazy, wild joy at the mere fact of my own fabulous existence, and I connect with that feeling with Mika’s music. Oddly, Vivaldi’s Violin Concertos and String Symphonies give me the same feeling. (In college, I bought the fantastic ten-disc Vivaldi Collection by Shlomo Mintz and Israel Chamber Orchestra. I still adore it.)

In this post, I’ll tell you how I came to acquire Mika’s albums. The story is rather awesome for hooray-for-technology reasons. However, if you hate super-happy-fun-complex pop, please don’t torture yourself by hitting any of the “play” buttons below.

I first read about Mika in a post on Trey Givens’ blog: Straight Privilege. The post wasn’t even about his music, but instead about his sexuality. For some unknown reason, I googled him, then listened to the first track that came up: “Grace Kelly.”

I liked the song quite a bit from the get-go. That’s unusual for me, as I’m almost always somewhat slow to warm up to music that I like. I can tell the stuff that I don’t like immediately, such as Rush.

Then I checked out some of his videos on YouTube. Here’s “Grace Kelly,” for example:

Bonus! He’s cute! (Gay or straight or whatever, I enjoy gazing on tall, wiry guys with longish dark curly hair and large, angular facial features.)

And here’s “We Are Golden“:

Here’s “Love Today“:

Here’s more of a ballad, “Happy Ending“:

After I decided that I wanted to buy some of his music, I checked his discography on Wikipedia, and then bought his two albums — “Life in Cartoon Motion” and “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” — on iTunes. Then I thanked @TreyPeden on Twitter. (Trey might not be a fan; I don’t know.)

Since then, I’ve been listening pretty obsessively, as I always what I do with a new album that I like. Like with Lady Gaga, I enjoy every song on these two albums; that’s definitely a rarity. I’d only call a handful of the albums in my rather vast collection “perfect” in that way. So far, my favorite song is “One Foot Boy”:

So why is that story remarkable? Just fifteen years ago, I couldn’t have done any of that. Back in those stone ages of the internet…

  • Blogs didn’t exist.
  • Google didn’t exist.
  • Lala didn’t exist.
  • YouTube didn’t exist.
  • Wikipedia didn’t exist.
  • iTunes didn’t exist.
  • Twitter didn’t exist.

As depressed and worried as I often get about the direction of this country, I’m so happy that the fabulous innovators, capitalists, and workers of this country make my life so much more awesome on a regular basis.


Opera in the Market

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Feb 032010

Unfortunately, the sound quality of this video is sub-par, but I love these kinds of unexpected-but-staged events:

Plus, although I’m not much of a fan of La Traviata, I love the Brindisi.

Oh, and here’s the backstory.

Multi-Track A Capella Lady Gaga

 Posted by on 29 January 2010 at 3:00 pm  Music
Jan 292010

Wow, I love the whole concept, and the choice of songs!

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