Goats Riding Horses

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Jun 242014

No really, this is a compilation video of goats riding horses!

Suddenly, I want a goat!

12 Types of Procrastinators

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Jun 132014

The 12 Types of Procrastinators… what kinds are you?

I’m a panicker, list maker, social sharer, sidetracker, snacker, gamer, watcher, and a perpetuator! So yeah, I’m a pretty stellar procrastinator!

The creator of this gem — Twenty Pixels — has awesome coffee mugs for sale based on it. Go check them out!

On a more serious note, check out these interesting articles on procrastination:

  • How I Stopped Procrastinating: Merrill Markoe writes “Here’s what I learned: First thing in the morning, before I have drowned myself in coffee, while I still have that sleepy brain I used to believe was useless — that is the best brain for creative writing. Words come pouring out easily while my head still feels as if it is full of ground fog, wrapped in flannel and gauze, and surrounded by a hive of humming, velvety sleep bees.”
  • Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators: Megan McArdle makes a compelling case that procrastination among writers is often the product of smart people relying too much on natural talent, as opposed to effort, and thereby adopting a “fixed mindset” about their work. That’s been a major realization for me.
  • To Stop Procrastinating, Look to Science of Mood Repair: Basically, look for the emotional root of your procrastination, then imagine yourself in the future to correct that.
  • The Surefire First Step to Stop Procrastinating: I often use this technique — whereby I make a deal with myself that I only have to work on this project for, say, 30 minutes, and then I can quit if I’m not into it — and it’s quite helpful. Maybe I should lower my threshold to 5 minutes though!
  • No Studying After 5pm: Using Parkinson’s Law to Kick Procrastination’s Ass: I have a tendency to delay work until the evening, then stay up too late working, and then not get enough sleep. Giving myself a clear deadline for the end of work might help me break that cycle — and make room for tasks that I can’t seem to fit into my day at present, like reading.

Now… get back to work!! :-)

“If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say”

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Jun 102014

If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say:

Paul says this stuff to me all the time! :-)

Rube Goldberg Machine of Animals

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May 062014

I witnessed an unexpected Rube Goldberg Machine of animals on Sunday morning.

Realizing that I was about to go outside to feed the horses, doggie Mae ran into the living room, dropped her ball, and chased it toward the kitchen table.

Doggie Conrad got excited and ran towards kitty Oliver, who jumped up on the cart on which I feed the cats.

Merlin, who was on the cart, jumped down and then up to the kitchen counter in a panic, sliding across the counter and knocking to everything… including the bowl of chicken covered by a dinner plate.

The dinner plate slide off the bowl and crashed onto the floor, breaking into many shards.

Then everyone calmed down… and the cleanup began.

My Husband’s Secret Power

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Mar 182014

After SnowCon, those of us staying Chez Hsieh — meaning, Tom, Arthur, William, Paul, and me — played a game of Cards Against Humanity. Here were the result of one round:

The black card was the question that Paul posed… and Arthur (I think) gave him the white card as the possible answer. I laughed so hard that I nearly cried… because it’s just so damn perfect!

The Truth about Science Projects

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Mar 172014


NASA Cover-Up Conspiracy Revealed!

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Feb 242014

Mock Commercial for Beans Is Better Than Almost Any Real Commercial for Anything: “Visual effects studio Cinesite produced this crazy-good mock commercial as a way to show off its creature animation skills.”

As Paul said, “I think that there’s been a NASA cover-up. They didn’t want us to see this video.”

Jan 182014

When I return home after a few hours away, the various members of my menagerie of beasts respond in basically the following ways:

Dogs: You’re home! OMG, we’re so excited to see you! YAYAYAYAY! We’re going to celebrate by running around outside. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in a few minutes, after we’ve sniffed some stuff. We’ll want to lie near you, just because we missed you so much.

Cats: Why were you gone so long? We were hungry. Feed us now. Also, don’t do that again; it’s just not fair to us.

Horses: Yo.

Punctuation. Matters!

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Jan 132014

Read this carefully. It is brilliant!

Gay for Football

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Jan 022014

My favorite NFL player, Peyton Manning, broke more than a few records this year. But here’s the real news: Peyton Manning Comes Out As Gay For Football. Here’s a tidbit:

“I was the only kid in my high school who was gay for football, and that was very tough for me,” Manning said. “All the other guys would be talking about girls or whatever, and I’d join in so they wouldn’t suspect anything. But all I was really thinking about were slant routes, three-step drops, and winning Super Bowls.”

“I could always tell that Peyton was gay for football when he was just a little kid out on the field,” said Archie Manning, adding that his family loves and supports Peyton. “Compared to the other kids, he was just really different. I was pretty sure when I’d watch the way he’d flamboyantly throw his arms in the air while calling audibles at the line of scrimmage or gush on and on for hours about his favorite passing plays.”

Brilliant, just brilliant.

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