Arthur Zey Smash

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Jul 292015

This is how Arthur Zey feels about just barely losing at Pandemic, my grammatical and dishwashing errors, and your wrongness on the internet.

A Radiologist’s Day

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Jun 102015

As a radiologist, I really appreciated this comic “A Radiologist’s Day“.  You can click on the image below to see the full-sized version.

(And I bought the shirt at CafePress.)

Dog Agility Done Right… and Slow

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Dec 082014

This is the most fabulously funny dog agility video ever:

He’s willing, just v e r y s l o o o o o w.

Dead Orchid Haiku

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Oct 142014

Innocent orchid
Gift from a crazy woman
Sorry not sorry

Interview of a Guinea Pig

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Sep 162014

This is adorable:

Americans Taste Exotic Asian Food

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Aug 252014

This is hysterical — Americans Taste Exotic Asian Food:


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Aug 202014

I thought I’d do a roundup of crazy that I’ve seen in NoodleFood and Facebook comments, just for your amusement. Here’s a recent comment on this blog post… as if I agree with Kant?!? Or something, who knows. (I always appreciate these kinds of apologies too.)

Here’s another… and yeah, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

And then we have these gems:

Oh, and I love how this dude goes from subjectivism to EMPHATIC DOGMATISM in a heartbeat:

Don’t ever change, crazy people of the internet!

A Morally Elevating Video

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Aug 112014

Dear People of America,

You must watch this important video. The very health of our culture depends on it.

In All Seriousness,

Dr. Diana Hsieh

I Fought Cucumber Stream and Cucumber Stream Won

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Jul 222014

Paul and I are on vacation, and yesterday, we hiked six miles along “Cucumber Stream” near Breckenridge. At the mid-point of our hike, I waded into said stream in my Vibrams to cool off my feet. The stream was not merely cool, but OMFG COLD!! After just a few seconds, my feet got “brain freeze.” (Really, the feeling was just the same, only in my feet.)

Here are some choice pictures that Paul Hsieh took as I walked back through the water to the blessed shores of dry land.

I swear that I was not hamming it up for the camera. That water was was insanely cold.

The Honest Truth about Breastfeeding

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Jul 072014

This — How to Breastfeed Appropriately — is hysterical. Here’s a tidbit:

Tip #1: Use a cover. Every time. There are many fancy ones on the market. Damask. Lace-trimmed. Or how about a swaddling cloth (if it’s good enough to warm the baby Jesus, it’s good enough for your kid)? Statistics show that human beings love being in confined spaces. Babies are on their way to becoming full humans, so this applies to them as well. I personally eat many of my meals under a loosely draped fitted sheet in my bedroom and find it quite enjoyable.

Please do not use summer as an excuse to flash your flesh-toned milk bags. Just last week I ate an entire Italian sub under a handmade quilt in 90 degree weather skin-to-skin with a close friend to simulate summer breastfeeding. Were we hot? Yes. Were we uncomfortable? Yes. Did one of us briefly lose consciousness? Yes. Did we subject anyone to seeing nipples? NO.


Tip #2: Use a bathroom. Who doesn’t love a public restroom? They’re full of exotic scents and sounds! The next time your needy baby starts fussing for a taste of chest drippings, run to the nearest stall or city outhouse.

Nursing standing up while trying to avoid bacteria and holding a wriggling child has the added benefit of strengthening your core muscles. That postpartum tummy will be gone before you know it, making you more attractive to the general public. It’s summer, after all — bikini season!

I should have recognized the author as The Honest Toddler from the first paragraph!

On a more serious note, I answered a question about public breastfeeding on the 8 April 2012 episode of Philosophy in Action Radio. If you’ve not yet heard it, you can listen to or download the relevant segment of the podcast here:

For more details, check out the question’s archive page. The full episode – where I answered questions on cultivating good luck, public breastfeeding, national identification card, mulling over memories, and more – is available as a podcast too.

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